02 March 2011

I Need Your Help

Bar none, you readers are the best source for identifying men in videos and pictures. So hopefully one or more of you will recognize the big lad in this short but hot clip. I want to find his credits and other porn in which he's appeared. Hopefully I can find a better copy of this particular clip, which I suspect might be longer. Any help would be appreciated.

One particular highlight for me comes at around 0:27. The quality is only fair, but you can tell the little pup's hard cock is oozing precum because of the small wet stain it leaves on the sheet. Now that's hot. Some might think this was too rough, but you can tell the young lad is truly enjoying this, so it's both consensual and what he really wants. There's nothing wrong with that in my book as long as all participants agree.


  1. Anonymous06:11

    Rough? Nah... Hard and hot and you bet that guy is enjoying it!

    - John

  2. Anonymous08:57

    That's one hot ride. I wouldn't mind being either party there

  3. Anonymous09:00

    'Too rough'? Nowhere near, and only a notch or so above finding a wrapped chocolate on your pillow upon turning back the covers to go to bed. - Montana Cowboy

  4. Anonymous09:09

    That top is great. he can fuck me any time. deep and hard. powerful pounding, i love it

  5. jeremy17:53

    Hot as fuck! That big man could RAM my hole any day of the week.

    I'm sorry though, I don't know who the top is.

  6. I'm gonna ask my readers if they know.

  7. Anonymous13:51

    anyone able to view clip on iPhone?? im not able too.

  8. Anonymous22:01

    His name is Samuel Colt, a well known porn model. See that link on Brutoseros for more pics of him :

  9. @anon 22:01

    Your link doesn't work but that notwithstanding, I'm pretty sure he isn't Samuel Colt. The build and face do not match. It could be Sam's older brother but it's not him.

  10. Hi, This is a clip from a Michael Lucas Video named Top To Bottom. The whole video is hotttttt.
    He is Stefan Bertoli. Cheers.


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