26 March 2011

The Gentleman's Club

Men's private clubs used to be very common in major cities like London, where some still can be found. Whilst most of them were filled with stuffy old farts conspiring to make themselves even wealthier, some of them were more libertine.

In nineteenth century England, public male/male affection was strictly verboten but, in private, homosexual activity between otherwise "straight" married men was actually somewhat common. I don't imagine bartenders sucked off too many blokes in the club common rooms; however, upstairs in the private chambers, you can bet your spats things like this happened.


  1. WOOF where is the club I want to join it.


  2. Anonymous09:06

    I messed around with a couple high-powered executives in the past. They looked nothing like these blokes. They weren't hot, they didn't have face or ball piercings, and (as far as I knew) they always wore underwear. Pity.


  3. Anonymous21:24

    This was my favorite video you've ever posted, and now it's gone missing. Can you site the original source or website? Please?

  4. Sorry, I don't have a link to another site for this.


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