16 March 2011

A Straight Man and His Two Boyfriends

Devin, the one in the middle of this trio as it opens, is allegedly straight and only goes gay for pay in porn. He supposedly is married with children. I've seen him both topping and bottoming in porn. He has no qualms about chowing down on cock. For a straight lad, he seems to have a really good time making gay porn so that leaves me a tiny bit skeptical. That doesn't make him any less hot, however.


  1. Anonymous13:50

    So who was converting who? There was a lot of love going on!

  2. Anonymous16:18

    If you can play with a man, get hard with a man, and even cum with a man, you simply aren't completely straight. You may be married with children, you may even prefer women, but you aren't completely straight.


  3. Gay, straight or whatever... these men are into it- and I'm loving watching these young men have fun.

  4. Steve20:08

    That was awesome!

  5. Anonymous21:26

    I think Devin is very unconvincing as gay (all that over-acting!), and the the blondish guy with the Superman tattoo is also quite suspect in the gay department. The only real cocksucker in this trio is the one who was the first to bottom and then take their loads. If someone gave me head the way the other two do here I'd have to school 'em on how to do it. No finesse! But the real gay gay? NICE head! All that said, all three of them are hot--with the real gay the hottest, 'cause he's obviously enjoying himself the most.


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