31 March 2011

Male Sexual Perversions

These are stills from a magazine called Male Sexual Perversions, likely published in the 1970s. It's divided into various sections with titles like "analism," "fellatio," "masturbation" and more, all illustrated by explicit porn images with tepidly written clinical prose describing the various sex acts.

In the analism section we learn for example: "A common practice among homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, most medical and sex researchers agree that analistic sex practices when carefully practiced are not harmful." Apparently the author missed that day in English class when one was encouraged not to use the same word three times in a single sentence.

Was this published in this fashion to satisfty First Amendment considerations so it could be distributed in less enlightened parts of the country? Or to allow those who purchased it an excuse to fob the magazine off as some sort of "research" if the smut was discovered? "Good lord Bob, I'm not reading fairy porn -- this is for a speech I'm giving at the Kiwanas Club about abnormal sex in our community."

Or perhaps the clinical approach just meant to be cheeky. The full-page ads at the end of the magazine for explicit gay porn suggests this might have been the case.

If you'd like to download a free folder containing scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.


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