24 July 2011

Buttfucking for Bucks

Last week I inadvertently used the wrong link that promised a straight bloke stuffing his cock into another lad's ass. As regular reader Leo noted, the clip had no anal sex.

Here now is the video with the link I had intended to post of Criss stuffing his straight cock in gay ass. I wonder if he rationalizes this as "I pretend I'm buttfucking a chick when I'm doing this, so it's not really gay."

If you'd like to watch on a larger screen version, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous07:36

    Will -

    Okay - so I attempted to watch this video at the source and got hit by a worm or some shit. Fortunately I was able to capture and clean w/out too much effort - not sure others were as lucky.

    Just thought you would want to know.

    - John

  2. Anonymous11:01

    Again, any time I see two guys fucking, it's going to be a good day. But I don't know why everyone is so horny for this Criss fellow. I've seen him in a few videos and he always seems so stiff (not in the good way). If he is "gay for pay" I hope they aren't paying him "top" dollar. My dog shows more passion humping the couch cushions. How many videos does he have to make before he gets good?

    That being said, Criss has a nice cock--and I liked how both dudes squirted about the same time--that's always hot. It's like a cum chaine reaction. I call it "cumino" (short for "the cum domino effect".


  3. haha he looks totally uncomfortable

  4. Thank you John. I suspect the worm came from the popup advertisement, which changes constantly and I'm unable to prevent. I've never heard of any problems at MegaUpload. That site has been around a long time. When looking at porn sites, it always helps to have a strong and up-to-date virus program.

  5. Criss Stokes has begun escorting for men.



  6. Anonymous06:02

    No worries Will - I have handled similar before. I have never had issues with MegaUpload and am not discouraged!

    - John


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