27 July 2011

The Real World

I have never watched The Real World on MTV. If you have, you might recognize this lad as one of the housemates or whatever it is they call themselves. The whole issue of his gay porn past was apparently a major part of the storyline.

I am not entirely convinced he's straight and suspect more than just that buttplug has traveled up his Hershey Highway. And his face seems to say "I badly want to suck your cock."


  1. Anonymous10:37

    nah, they made it a big issue for couple of episodes, but then it faded into the backdrop of the show...
    the hostsing websites were asked, before the episode aired, to take all the videos down lol ;)
    glad XVideo's wasnt one of the original hosting sites. lol
    i liked him until he started acting all homophobic on the series, then i just lost all respect for him.
    the guy is a true TWAT in all senses of the word

  2. Anonymous04:40

    My gaydar says: this guy is gayer than Kylie.


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