06 July 2011

Jocks and Socks

I don't have a socks fetish, at least I don't think I do, but I found the fact that these lads end up only wearing their thick red socks to be quite a turn on.


  1. Anonymous13:30

    Speaking as someone with a socks fetish, I love porn filled with gratuitous socks scenes.

    I have to comment about the popping sound at 5:22 and the hic-up at 17:09. Both were priceless.


  2. Anonymous14:17

    I'm usually way to shy to leave comments, but this video was so amazing that I have to this time!

    It's very rare I find a video like this, where a man's ass is so frequently shot. It's normally just dicks, which don't get me wrong, I love! But nothing turns me on more than a nice, pulsing hole. You can tell he was really enjoying himself ;)

  3. Love the furry one....adorable!


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