11 July 2011

Lethal Weapon

Rafael has such a sweet, innocent-looking face, at least most of the time. But he has a body made for sin and packs a lethal weapon in his pants.

The expression on his face sometimes seems to suggest he's amazed that you're shocked at his monster. "It's big, really? You think so?" his face seems to be saying.

He is, of course, dumb like a fox. When you seem him in action, he's hardly innocent.

These shots are from a set of thirteen. If you'd like the whole set, click here and download for free.


  1. Cock: 10
    Body: 10
    Face: 4
    Tats: 2

    I agree, love watching him in action!

  2. He could be my dentist any day.

  3. Anonymous04:20

    He could drill more than my teeth :-)

  4. Anonymous10:52

    You forget to mention that magnificent ass of his its beautiful i would love to see him get fucked that would be priceless.

  5. Anonymous13:22

    I am convinced those are butt implants
    They do not look natural at all.


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