30 July 2011

Jacking in the Locker Room

I found this young lad to be quite endearing. He's both wholesome and slutty. Three or four beers and this bloke would probably do pretty much anything you asked.

He strikes me as the sort who gets giggly drunk and then completely loses his inhibitions. Stone-cold sober he'd be shocked if you asked him to give you a blowjob. Get a few Coronas in him and he'd be on his knees with his mouth full.


  1. Anonymous06:34

    How many layers of clothing are required for a solo shoot? Depending on the camera angle, I couldn't decide whether he had a three incher or a seven incher. I got a chuckle over his sense of accomplishment at the end when he finally did squirt. He was all smiles. What a cutie pie!


  2. Anonymous08:10

    u sure have this kid's number. spot on. i know a guy like your describing. in fact, he sorta looks like this kid. all shy and prim and proper. a little lubrication and out comes a funny, entertaining and raunchy mr. hyde. and afterwards...it's back to mr. goody two shoes as if nothing ever happened. the guy cracks me up.

  3. Anonymous10:04

    I yeah, I love his big fat balls, I would love to give those babies a tongue bath..he would being seeing cross-eyed with that sneaky grin that he has..


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