20 July 2011

Lean and Ripped

The video quality here is only fair -- I'm guessing it's from some cam site -- but he has a nice lean body. I like amateur videos for all their flaws -- there's something voyeuristic about them you don't get in professionally produced stuff.


  1. Anonymous06:10

    He looks like this guy on my Hockey team. Damn fine body, no question!

    - John

  2. Anonymous06:51

    this is a dude from the fratpad.com site. most of their videos however are quite different than this type of jo vid. usually the videos consist of (albeit very athletic and hot!) young men getting naked and running around and playing silly games like leap frog or "dancing" on a stripper pole all the while with soft cocks... completely annoying and unwatchable! ...just my 2cents...

  3. Anonymous18:26

    When I was younger, I used to compete with solo jack-off videos. I would do whatever the gent in the movie would do--at the same speed and intensity. I would try to outlast the gent, but I usually squirted long before he did. Stupid, huh?


  4. Anonymous23:27

    pretty amazing how open and comfortable this guy is with jerking off in front of a cam and obviously having his roomie present....and lean? More tightly muscled and pumped up than lean I´d say

  5. Anonymous00:39

    He used to be part of the Fratmen crew

  6. Anonymous05:51

    well, hello PERFECT body


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