01 July 2011

Running Man

I run five or six days a week and have long known that, for some reason, my cock often gets fairly hard whilst out on the trail. I'm not even thinking about anything sexual and it happens. I guess my subconscious is running rampant or I have too much testosterone or something. Loose sweat pants keep my secret hidden, or at least I think they do.

I don't know if that's this bloke's problem or maybe his junk is flying around from the momentum. I know if I ran naked, mine would not be pointing outward from momentum. I'd be hard because I was running, and extra hard because I was bareass naked with a boner. No amount of thinking about horrendous car wrecks would get the one-eyed monster to behave.


  1. Love to see you run like this. Get a camera and take some pictures for us please.


  2. got anything to post for canada day, for us up north here? :)

  3. I'd be happy to be able to run let alone get a boner while doing it. ha ha

  4. Anonymous03:49

    What a beautiful picture!

  5. Now that's a Chariot of Fire!

  6. Anonymous06:53

    Nothing like a fit man sporting morning wood!


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