30 June 2011

Officer Anteater

Now I know he's not a real cop but he could pass for one. Looking at these pictures led me to wonder -- are American cops more likely to be uncut than the population at large? I doubt it, but I'd like to conduct a personal survey.

Not too long ago I was in an Italian airport waiting to go through security. A heavily armed Carabinieri officer was standing nearby on guard, as is the custom in most airports these days. The cop was quite muscular and very hot. He also had on snug pants, and it was very clear he was both thickly endowed and uncut. If I hadn't already put my cellphone-with-camera in my carry-on bag, I would've sneaked a shot.


  1. It is so much easier to get photos of police in European countries being female and looking like a tourist! LOL! They LOVE to pose for the camera! I got some excellent photos of police and firemen in Spain and Italy [though there were plenty that escaped!] I think one of the requirements of the job is that they be gorgeous. I would expect that in Italy most police would be uncut, since they are probably Catholic. Feel free to borrow photos from my blog of civil servants taken on my trips. My blog is easily searchable: select a category for a country and then search for "police".


  2. I'd definitely pass up being scanned and opt to be patted down by this stud!

  3. berlinboy00:11

    Congratulations on your x-ray vision: being able to tell that the hot Italian officer´s cock underneath the uniform trousers was uncut....wishful thinking, the afore mentioned super heroe´s x-ray vision, a day dream or simply the fact that the large majority of European men are uncut.


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