03 June 2011

The Erotic Mirror

Until I met my boyfriend, I never realized how truly erotic a mirror could be. Yes, you can watch yourself fucking in it. You can also perform for it. But what he taught me is how it can be a means of erotic communication between lovers at a moment of ultimate love.

"Watch that man in the mirror," he whispers in my ear as he jacks me off from behind, his hard cock throbbing against my naked back. "Look how he smiles when he is stroked. Look how hard his cock is."

It's not anything that could be reproduced in porn, in part because mirrors are a nightmare to film. It only works when it's actually happening, when you're watching yourself with your lover in the mirror. When he's not home, however, and I walk through the bedroom and past the large mirror on our wall, I always think of him.

I found this image at the terrific blog Cocks, Asses, and More.


  1. Anonymous13:27

    Your BF sounds like one sexy fuck. Yowza.



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