15 June 2011

An Experiment

I found this video on another hosting site, so I'd thought I'd give it a whirl and see how it works out. This isn't the best edited sex scene I've ever scene, but the bigger bloke sure is hot.


  1. yeah. that top was very hot. personal preference when it cums to fuck videos? the bottom is hard and loving every second. not so much a fan of bottoms in pain and limp. this was good. thanks!

  2. Anonymous08:17

    First, what is the story here? If Mr. Bottom didn't want fucked, why did he agree to it? Did he lose a bet?

    Second, I know it was my imagination but it seemed like Mr. Bottom's tatoos kept coming and going.

    Third, keep up the good work. I LOVE MOVIE DAYS!--and this video was fucking hot.


  3. Anonymous12:40

    I agree with Anonymous: bottom didn't look like he was enjoying the tupping very much. But, I agree that the top is handsome and hunky.

  4. It will not play, due to a preview limit

  5. That hot Top should have slapped that bitch's face when he started talkin' like that.

  6. I think it was HOT video. I fully agree with Stan.


  7. Yea videos! They're like pizza. Different at each place, but never really bad.

    I wish they showed the cum scene though. It also wouldn't let me go to full screen mode.

  8. Anonymous14:59

    The top's moniker is Robert Axel.

  9. Anonymous21:28

    Ditto to all 3 of Leo's sentiments.


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