01 June 2011

Top Floor

A show of hands here -- who has not had a sexual fantasy involving a hot guy in an elevator? I know I have -- and whilst in the elevator with any number of big strapping strangers.

I'm always so helpful and make sure to hold open the door whenever a hot young bloke makes a dash for the door. Big muscular deliverymen always appreciate this, although the other passengers don't.

I once got stuck in an elevator for a few hours with several other people. Alas, I was the only male. I was hoping for some hot firemen to come to our rescue, but that was not to be. After an interminably long wait where I learned far too much about manicures, shoe sales as Nordstroms, and daycare options, the car just started up again.


  1. Do you by chance know the name of this film? I want to know who these people are! And to get something with the audio synced. And yes, hot by the way. Though, I have to admit, I probably wouldn't have sex in an elevator. Call a prude.

  2. Anonymous15:14

    Very hot video. I was hoping the big guy in the office would join the fellows in the elevator. But I guess some guys would rather just watch.


  3. Anonymous17:21

    *puts his hand up*

  4. Anonymous07:14

    oh man. did you just illicit a flashback! whew!about 5 yrs. ago i got stuck in an elevator for over 3 hours...alone...in the dark. yeah i was scared. after the fireman yelled to me that they were on their way but it would take time and to be patient, i got this hair-brained idea of how to stop being scared. i got naked and started stroking. i must have really gotten into it. it sure made the time fly. i must not have ever heard the fireman open the trap at the top of the elevator. suddenly, out of nowhere i'm bathed in light from above and it wasn't coming from heaven. there i was, seated on the floor, chest covered in cum. i could hear this guy laughing his ass off. now this is going to sound like some bullshit story but i don't care. later, after i was out of the elevator, thet fireman...the one who discovered me and was laughing handed me a slip of paper w/ his phone number on it. i always wished i had called that number. whew! kudos manhandler and thx for the stroll down memory lane.

  5. Anonymous16:13

    WOW, we should all be so lucky to get in an elevator like this one. One of the HOTTEST vids ever. WOOF!

  6. Anonymous02:16

    could you reupload this? :) please? :D

  7. Anonymous02:41

    I hope someone could tell me where to watch the video again. It has been deleted by xvideos too. :(

  8. Anon, I didn't upload the clip so I don't have it to reupload.


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