23 June 2011

Blonds Have More Fun

Here's another unnamed bloke from the vintage files. He came out of a magazine where not one of the models was identified by name.

He looks vaguely familiar, like he may have once appeared in soft-core porn, those sorts of exploitation flicks that play on Cinemax at 2:00 a.m. You know the sort, where the chiseled lead must single-handed stop a homicidal maniac, yet our hero manages to find the time to have sex with six different big-titted women in the course of his adventure.


  1. RedCedar15:57

    That hairstyle is from the mid-1970's (say: '73-'77 or so).

  2. I remember him well. I thought/ think he was/ is HOT.


  3. Anonymous03:50

    roy dean took the shots

  4. Anonymous16:46

    I knew I had an old porn mag with this guy in it. I found it in my "archive". Most of these photos are in the Nov. 1978 Mandate in a feature called "Big Hawaiian" featuring Ed Meyers. More photos probably in Roy Dean's self-published book "Exposures". Ed entertained me many evenings through the 80's.


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