26 June 2011

Shy Swede

This lad from Sweden put his self portrait on his DeviantArt page. He says he's "shy" hence the modesty covering. He may not be model chiseled but I still think he's very hot. That mischievous smile seals the deal.

In my experience, Scandanavian men are more open minded about sex. As a result, I've found them to be more sexually adventurous. So he may be shy whilst before the camera, in the bedroom I'll bet it's an entirely different story.

This is a nice big picture, so be sure to click to see him full sized.


  1. Anonymous07:04

    Fortunately for us, someone caught him unaware.

  2. Great photo of a very sexy guy! More please!

  3. Anonymous09:51

    Totally masculine guy, with hair in all the right places... he reeks of the male musk scent.. and I am hard just looking at him..

  4. Anonymous20:44

    Sometimes, or most of the times, these non-model types are better to look at than those blessed with pretty-boy looks and muscle-chiseled genes. This guy is someone I would definitely consider hitting-up on than those Miami-esque type of guys anytime.

  5. Anonymous23:46

    What's his DeviantArt page? I want to stalk him!


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