10 June 2011

Sergeant Paddy

Here's a mainstream set I found recently of Paddy aka Patrick, who has been featured here several times recently. He is definitely getting hotter as he grows older.

I violated a personal rule of never showing blokes smoking with this first shot, but it was too hot to miss. I'm imagining it's cannabis.


  1. Looks a little bit like Jake Shaears of the Scissor Sisters in the last two images.

  2. Anonymous18:55

    so hot, thanks for posting.

  3. Yum! The last one is best.

  4. He is just so fucking handsome!

  5. Anonymous19:52

    the first time i saw paddy with a cigarette was the last time i was able to get off looking at him. models take a risk in losing a lot of fans when they allow themselves to be photographed smoking.

  6. Anonymous15:24

    He isn't actually smoking it though, he's just holding it. Maybe he doesn't actually smoke. And I find that pic to be the hottest of all of them. Love the look on his face.


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