20 June 2011


I remember this set from about ten years ago when big baggy jeans obscured a hot man's ass. I'm glad Vincent here decided to get out of those nasty pants and show us his magnificent body.

I've only seen a few other solo shoots he's done plus a few jerkoff vids. I don't think he did any man-to-man stuff. If you'd like a free download of a folder featuring twenty large shots of Vince from this same set, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous06:07

    Hairy, muscled and gay shy. I want what he won't give. This is truly a turn on.

    - John

  2. Anonymous17:19

    These photos aren't recent.
    I saw and collected a new pic of Vincent Greco.
    He is still a bit «sexy» BUT not as much as his early ones.
    I was desapointed to see that he lost his «lean muscles» and that he lost some charm acording to me..

    JiEL, Montréal,Canada

  3. Anonymous04:22

    He could eat crackers in my bed anytime ... along with other things.

  4. Fuck me Vince!!!

  5. I wanna suck your dick and lick your ass deep


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