25 June 2011

Lunch Break

When you only have thirty minutes for lunch, every second counts.


  1. Anonymous06:40

    I've said it before--there's nothing hotter than good looking men wearing nothing but black dress socks. Yum.

    I must know--where is this place? Where is this place where men wear sunglasses as they piss in urinal-less bathrooms? Where is this place where men walk down aluminum hallways into glowing white apartments? Is this Heaven?

    Last time I mentioned this, I caused a firestorm--but I HAVE to say it. Bareback sex is fun to watch, but in the real world, wrap it up, fellows. OK? Are we all still friends?

    Very hot video. Keep them cumming.


  2. Anonymous14:40

    this is a fuking hot scene. i mean the guys are hot and the top can fuk like a machine. but the cameraman sucks ass. i got dizzy watching this. but still this is the hottest scene ive seen after a long time


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