16 June 2011


Can we talk? Criss here is not very likely not to read my blog, so I think I can speak candidly: he looks as dumb as a stump. If you've seen any of his porn, he couldn't act his way out of a paper sack. His face is goofy and he looks like he's perpetually confused. He's all cock and constantly in search of poon. He's like a pussy shark -- he has to keep hunting pussy or he'll die.

That's all part of his appeal for me -- I like 'em big and dumb. He nicely fits that bill. He's more buff now than you see here, but I couldn't find any recent shots without him plowing some girl. He did a little bit of gay-for-pay early in his career, mostly jerkoff scenes or getting sucked while watching straight porn, but he did do at least one scene where he buttfucked another lad.


  1. Anonymous06:06

    I like them big and dumb also but this guy does nothing for me for some reason. He is like this 2nd cousin that one has to endure at some family gathering.

    - John

  2. Anonymous15:22

    He is not really "god" material. Still, I would trade him dicks. I can only hand a wash cloth on miine.


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  4. berlinboy23:53

    oh come on, give the guy a break....he´d be the perfect ons, great body, really nice big cock, probably a more than rimmable ass...and after all that fun just say buh-bye

  5. marcel04:57

    The less they talk, the better they do...
    its what my girlfriends always tell me.
    Im tired of kant/nietzsche. I want ACTION and he looks perfect for that.
    (althought i would love to see him in a few years with some more muscle on)

  6. brian18:16

    I do not know Criss, but I admire him. Not only for his obvious endowment, but for his being a true 21st century sex performer.
    A legend in the making.
    If he chooses well, by creating an interesting persona, by engaging both female and MALE partners, he can truly corner the market.
    He may be dumb as a fox!


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