02 June 2011

The Prison Guard

The bloke with the shorter hair and big cock playing the prison guard is Hal Drake. He apparently only did a handful of adult shoots. What a shame that is. He has both the body and equipment for a major porn star. His willing prisoner serving time here is Mike Cole. If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of the entire magazine in which these photos appeared, be sure to click here.


  1. i'm no different probably than most of your fans, readers. i've had a huge "fantasy crush" on you since the first day i discovered your blog. i know you have a partner. but it's my fantasy. lol. i'm usually able to contain it. but every once and awhile, usually after something you've written, i get completely crazed. i want to tear off my clothes, crawl thru the screen and throw myself at your feet yelling, "use me, abuse me, re-use me." i think i feel that way today because i've been in the hospital recovering from surgery and my horns are huge. i guess that means i'm getting better. deo gratias! but this is gonna be tricky. how to maneuver two IV poles into the bathroom so i can "manifest" my fantasy. LMFAO!
    cheers and many thanx for a great fantasy!

  2. Anonymous13:50

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  3. Anonymous19:13

    He only did two porn shoots, not a handful. Both of them from Falcon Studios. "Dunes" from 1974, and this particular one titled "Cellblock" from 1975. "Dunes" is very hot. So is his co-star, Clint Ely.

  4. Anonymous07:21

    I had this movie on video cassette, then with the DVD I had no opportunity to see him and ended the losing. was simply wonderful, the guard is simpolesmente delicious, well fucked, had a wonderful stick. In one scene he stuck his ass in the prisoner's casstete that race very exciting. They should reissue it on DVD, inesquecível.i


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