04 June 2011

Classic Ray

Ray has been a porn mainstay for the last two decades. I believe he's retired from performing but is still directing. This appears to have been shot when he was well into his forties and keeping in top shape.

The cumshot starting at about 11:45 is a work of art. He oozes out copious precum, and then a flying wad of man milk erupts, followed by a bountiful lavaflow of potent hot sperm.

If you'd like to watch this in a larger screen version, be sure to click here. Thanks to regular reader Vince who supplied links for this video.


  1. Anonymous06:13

    Tall, dark, sexy, mysterius, quiet, rugged, hairy, and buff--the only thing I can say against this guy is that he isn't twins.


  2. Anonymous09:14

    Thanks for the video. Ray Dragon is extremely hot, always has been. I don't think he's ever done the one thing I yearn for - bottoming. Alas. (I'd love to be corrected!)

  3. Love this guy from the first time I ever saw him. He is perfect in every way. I think he'll still be as hot in another 20 years!

  4. The hottest cum shot I've seen in a while.

  5. Anonymous12:52

    Yes, he has retired into being a director. He was great in Titan's 110 DEGREES IN TUCSON and many others. I do think I've seen him suck several times as well as, I think, at least one piss scene.

  6. Anonymous05:38


  7. Anonymous10:52

    Sorta' weird video. Eleven minutes of posturing, then (admittedly) a great cumshot. I was trying to figure out why Ray wrinkled his brow around 5 minutes, and did I detect a smile at one point there? Also, would have been great to see his facial expression during climax. Picky, picky...


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