14 June 2011

A Few Good Men

These are stills from an early 1980s flick titled A Few Good Men, which predated by a decade the famous play and subsequent major motion picture of the same name. This scene features Peter Barrie as the cock-hungry drill sergeant and the legendary Lee Ryder as the mulehung grunt.

Barrie only appeared in a few films but Ryder, of course, was a superstar in the age of pre-condom porn. If you'd like to download a free folder with many more shots from the film, scanned from a vintage smut magazine, be sure to click here.


  1. I stillahve that movie on VHS. I would love to put in on DVD, but do not know how.


  2. Good old vintage barebacking! Awesome!

  3. Both these guys were so hot. I remember them well.

  4. I remember that and to put on DVD there are converters out there.
    I think it is VHS convert to DVD machines combo!


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