17 June 2011

Gio Loves Gio

A good deal of muscle videos are rather tedious -- the lad poses for twenty minutes and then does a two-minute reluctant wank to finish. This lad quickly gets into the JO quickly and really enjoys what he's doing. He's also sort of making love to himself in the mirror. The cumshot is very nice, too.


  1. Anonymous06:44

    i can send more videos of this pag, but where is your email?

  2. Anon...

    Look at the very bottom of the right-hand column on this page. You'll see something that says "About Me." Click on the link that says "View My Complete Profile." Therein you'll find a link to my email address.

  3. Nice hot looking guy! Love the happy ending! Hope to see more!

  4. Anonymous20:14

    I mean DAMN! That was so hot! He actually made love to himself - so fucking nice.

    Thanx Will

    - John

  5. Anonymous03:53

    Since shaved masculine guys are my favorites, this is a perfect fit.

  6. Anonymous09:54

    i have just sent you an email, answer me if you are intersted in it? THnx

  7. Anonymous16:40

    you didnt answer my email, are you interested in MARIO BORELLI?¿?¿


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