07 June 2011

The Real Thing

In my opinion, porn is always hotter if the bottom is rock hard when he's getting boned. He's not stroking it to stay aroused. It's proudly rigid with no manual stimulation because he loves taking it up the ass. Extra bonus points if he shoots a copious hands-free load in the middle of the action.


  1. Anonymous06:13

    i couldn't agree more! i personally prefer to see guys enjoying sex...not bored, in pain or trying too (be) hard.

  2. Ihave to agree with you on this.


  3. Anonymous13:22

    I agree with you that a hands-free ejaculation is very hot, but how often does that happen? It really turns me on to see a guy jacking his own cock while getting fucked, but even hotter is if the top is stroking the guy he's fucking. I think that shows the stud is not just out for his own nut, but wants the bottom to be sexually satisfied as well.

  4. Anonymous17:18

    You and I are of a like mind. If I am not "rock hard" in that position, you should probably call the coroner.

  5. Anonymous21:11

    Has anyone noticed that these boys are twins or at least brothers? HOT!
    Does anyone know who they are?

  6. Anonymous17:54

    I think the top (who is on the bottom).. err, anyway, I think he is Landon Conrad, who is apparently an ex Mormon (assuming the internet doesn't lie).


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