07 April 2013

Amateur Night

All three of these look to be genuine amateur porn -- blokes setting up cameras in their bedrooms and then having fun. The production quality is not the best, but I always like the amateur stuff because the passion is real. The last one is very short but I had to include him. I wonder if the sunglasses were for anonymity or to protect his eyes?


  1. I like the second one the best.


  2. Anonymous10:56

    Could you also start posting URLs of the videos underneath each video you post, coz iPads don't really play videos linked on blogs? Thanks!
    PS: your taste in men is superb!

  3. Anon, if you right-click the video box, it should open a new page directly on the Xvideos webpage.

  4. Anonymous19:21

    Definitely eye protection. He knew what he was doing with the t-shirt that showed wet spots and the eyegear; he's clearly gotten some of his own in his eye before.



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