01 April 2013

Hands-Free Boners

All other things being equal, I would rather see a lad with a hands-free boner than one who has to use his hand to keep hard. Of course, many of these pictured here probably stroked just before the photographer made some shots, but perhaps some didn't.

Seeing a bloke with a hands-free boner that lasts for five or ten or more minutes is a huge turn-on for me. Yes, that can be artificially created with drugs, but when it's all natural and for real, that truly is one of the most erotic sights.

As long as I think about something sexual or am involved in sexual activity, I can stay hard for many minutes at a time whilst entirely hands-free. But if the telephone should ring or there's another non-sexual distraction, then my own private Hindenberg comes crashing back to earth.


  1. Anonymous09:24

    That guy in the eighth picture down from the top is seriously hot! Who the hell is he? He could easily be a gay porn superstar

  2. Anonymous17:14

    Thank you (also) for your smart writing which I enjoy on a daily basis. Congrats on your milestone fellowship. And on your quality. My respects to you! Hugs, A from SA.


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