20 April 2013

The Legend Returns

Someone just posted these four vids of the magnificent Von Legend yesterday on Xvideos. I've only ever seen the first one of these, so this cache was a real treat to discover.

Some of the screens below may appear blank, but they'll fill in once they play. If you're having trouble seeing the videos on this page, you can find the direct links here.


  1. Good Saturday morning! What a way to start my day paying tribute to the uber hot Von Legend! Times 4 even! His body is HUGE and gorgeous as ever and he cums like a fire hose! Personally I love his detachment as he strokes himself. Makes him even more of a god amongst men!

  2. These videos bring back some memories. Twenty-some years ago, when I was in denial about my sexuality, I went through a weird phase. I would only watch and buy solo videos (However,I never had videos of the gorgeous Mr. Legend).

    I convinced myself that watching solo videos wasn't "gay"-- it was "instructional". I had a collection of VHS solo videos stacked floor to ceiling.

    I figured the solo videos would teach me better ways to pleasure myself and inspire me to stay fit--for the ladies. (Bullshit!)

    I also went through a phase where I would make myself only watch straight videos. It then I came to terms that I only had an interest in the men--I hardly gave the women in those videos a second glance.

    Those girls could have had two heads, three boobs, and eleven toes. I never paid them any attention. In fact, they used to anger me. They always seemed to get in the way.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous12:47

    DAMN!!! He can rape me anytime he wants!!!

  4. Anonymous20:27

    Fuckin' hot! I wish more vids would show guys first with their dick soft--nothin' nicer than feeling a guys tool grow as you suck it...

  5. Anonymous13:31

    Wow! This man is perfect.


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