18 April 2013

Fred the Fed

Do you ever see a picture of a hot man who really tickles your willy? I had that reaction to the bloke on the left yesterday when I saw his picture in the newspaper.

He's an unnamed federal agent leading the handcuffed Bob Hoskins lookalike to an awaiting car. I'll almost certainly never see him again nor will I ever learn his name, but I can still admire him from afar. I'll bet he has a nice hairy, muscular chest.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    I am with you buddy, I like his build, nice furry forearms, so that usually means a hairy chest, and hopefully nice hairy legs and some on the butt:):):):)

    Like the two or three old day scruff look too, oh my, better stop now, ah hell, I hope he has a medium thick cock...


  2. Anonymous15:00

    Unless he sees himself here and puts his phone number in a comment.

    Could happen.

  3. Anonymous07:32

    I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for sharing that thought.


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