13 April 2013

Donnie and Phil

Here are two of the hottest 1990s porn studs in a classic clip of the era. From the little bit of plot in this scene, you can see how ludicrous the story is -- a thinly constructed bit of nonsense providing a shaky narrative thread for nearly constant fucking. But if we wanted plot that made sense, we wouldn't be looking at porn.


  1. Anonymous06:24

    One can date the film by the Wang word processor in the background.

  2. Hot Video. But it was also a little funny.

    The quick head on shots of the guy in the tank top during the interview scene were priceless.

    It's not that I mind watching guys get undressed--it's actually my greatest hobby--but the undressing scene, 9 minutes in the movie, was awkwardly funny to me. I don't know why.

    I especially love how the movie ended on a deeply poetic and philosophical note--"Sex is like water..." Who wrote this? Shakespeare, Balzac, or Mamet... ?

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous11:37

    Ah, those nipples!

  4. Nice video and PHIL, the desk man would be my favorite...

    Nice body and ass too..


  5. Anonymous13:26

    OMG!! That's Donnie Russo. How old must this clip be? He hasn't looked like that for decades.

    But he's always hot -- even when he older, beefier, covered with tattoos and the king of fetish sex!!!

  6. Anonymous00:48

    The film is "Barnstorm" (1995) from Fox Studios.

  7. My right hand and Phil Bradley dated for several years in the 90s. My right hand didn't realize how much it missed Phil until this morning when they became reacquainted.

  8. Anonymous07:55

    I was living in LA during this time. Id met that Phil guy at the gym a number of times. Nice looking but way too much attitude. That girl THOUGHT she was Gods gift. I wonder what she looks like NOW? Anyway, Donnie Russo, yeah, met him as well. We had friends in common. Donnie came over to my place one day. We played a little but in my opinion it was boring. Hes a big bottom you know! Which is OK but alot of guys think he is a roughneck top. I havent seen any pics or anything of him for quite some time now.


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