19 April 2013

Chasing Chase

This is Chase, who's 27, 5'11, and 185 pounds. I suspect he has a fuzzy chest which he shaves. I say this because he has a darker beard shadow, which usually means the man has a nice thatch of chest hair. Like many younger guys, he probably razors or waxes that off, which is very unfortunate.

Chase is somewhat younger than the type of bloke I typically favor, but I'd make an exception for him. He can chase after me anytime he wants. If he doesn't, I'll chase after him. He has an absolutely magnificent ass. If Chase plays on Team Rainbow, I envy the man who gets to tap his bumper.

He has a little bit of a Paul Wagner thing going. He could pass for Wagner's cousin. I wouldn't mind a four-way with Chase, Paul, and my boyfriend and me. We'd tie up Chase and Paul and then have our way with them, swapping off with each other. We'd make sure they both went home with smiles on their faces.


  1. He is one hot dude! Love the outline of his package, especially in the blue suit. Gorgeous, muscular perfection!


  3. My gaydar is pinging something crazy now.

  4. Anonymous13:21


  5. I love the butt.


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