11 April 2013

The Djinn

The djinn are mythical creatures referenced in ancient Near East manuscripts and in certain versions of the Bible and Koran. They have supernatural abilities and can be good or evil. The word "djinn" became bastardized in the English language as "genie."

Playing with a four-foot-long cock has to be a lot of fun. But an encounter with a djinn might be very frustrating. You could give him a full-body stroke job, but what could he do for you in return? If he tried to jack you off, he might end up ripping your cock off by accident.

Maybe if you made him cum, he'd grant you a wish in appreciation. Perhaps this is where the idea of rubbing the genie's lamp originated and was sanitized by puritans. You're not suppose to rub his lamp; you're meant to rub his cock.


  1. Anonymous07:47

    OH my, I would love to be licking that giant's "candy stick", and I just could imagine what I would do with his huge balls:):)

    BB (Big Boy)

  2. Anonymous14:22

    That's a great picture!

    If I had a genie that size, I would have him pick me up and lick me all over, from top to toe, with his enormous tongue.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous21:56

    great sense of humour!! : )

  4. Anonymous14:59

    I think by that scale, his little finger could give a lot of satisfaction on its own!

  5. Anonymous12:01

    i will send pic if someone replys to his comment ;)


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