14 April 2013

Dropping the Pen

Here's a sex tip for today: simply drop your pen on the floor when a pornstar is in the room; you'll end up with a blowjob and more. It's that easy.

Landon looks considerably thicker in this scene. I guess he's been hitting the gym in a serious way. He also seems to be bottoming more these days. Maybe that's what he wanted all along.


  1. Just my humble opinion, but I think they have the wrong actor playing the porn star. Aside from a few tattoos, the intern is so much hotter.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous14:15

    I've never seen any guy shoot a load as far as the top, here! Wow! Right over Landon's head.

  3. Anonymous10:00

    Damn love this one, especially how vocal landon is all the way through. gets my blood pumping and cock hard immediately Big V

  4. You always find the best videos. Your website has saved me a small fortune in porn expense! I've never seen foot fucking like that. Is there an official name for that?

  5. Anonymous08:10

    Wow, you are right Landon, looks much beefier, and I like that..

    What an amazing "cum" shot from the dude doing the f--king...Awesome, Landon wont need any gel in his hair for a week.:):):):)


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