10 January 2018

Commander in Thief

The Washington Monthly just published a superb and detailed article (link here) with the title "Commander in Thief" and the deck "How much of Trump’s profiteering is unconstitutional, and how much is just sleazy? A field guide."

In brief, the piece details how many actions Trump has taken to personally benefit himself and his companies are likely illegal and also likely unconstitutional. The article then discusses three specific topics:

--Corruption Type 1: Foreign Emoluments

--Corruption Type 2: Domestic Emoluments

--Corruption Type 3: Slimy, but Probably Legal

The first of these three are the most problematic and many are most likely unconstitutional. These are currently the subjects of several ongoing lawsuits against Trump in federal court. Hopefully we'll see some positive action on these in 2018.

Make no mistake about it: Trump is a horrendously bad President and likely will be remembered for centuries as one of the worst in history. At the same time, he's also the most corrupt of all time and is making millions off of taxpayers while royally fucking up the country.

Read the article and share. It's too good to ignore.


  1. Anonymous03:50

    Y el se la sigue creyendo que pasara a la posteridad como el mas grande....pero de los mentirosos y corruptos. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. What a «twisted» justice you have in USA.
    If you're black or latino or Muslim, you can be shot by a policeman only because your tail light is missing more or less.
    Shot in a park just because you look like a criminal etc...

    BUT if you're rich, white and have an army of lawyers and accountants you can avoid any accusations and even be president of your country.

    Most of all, it's somewhat indescent to fire a FBI director to avoid any enquires on himself and denying any facts on his own Russian businesses.

    Justice is very twisted here and impeachment seems so far away. Meanwhile «HE» is continuing his destruction of democracy in USA.

  3. Anonymous09:09

    Great article; thanks for bringing it to our attention, Manhandler.


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