06 January 2018

Increasing Unfitness

David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, wrote a spot-on piece that will appear in their January 15, 2018, issue but is already available online (link here). The item has the title "The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump."

A notable excerpt:

"Trump has no comprehension of policy and cares about it less. He surrounds himself with aides who are either wildly incompetent or utterly defeated in their attempts to domesticate the mulish and bizarre object of their attention. There are no lingering illusions about the President’s capacities: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump ‘a fucking moron’ and spared us a denial."

The piece concludes with this:

"There is little doubt about who Donald Trump is, the harm he has done already, and the greater harm he threatens. He is unfit to hold any public office, much less the highest in the land. This is not merely an orthodoxy of the opposition; his panicked courtiers have been leaking word of it from his first weeks in office. The President of the United States has become a leading security threat to the United States."

It's an excellent piece and not long. Read it and share.


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  2. Yes, please, and thank you!


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