21 January 2018

The Trojan Horse

On Wednesday, Bloomberg Politics published an article (link here) detailing how author Michael Wolff was given the red carpet treatment at the White House when he was writing his tell-all expose book that has painted Donald Trump, his family, and his administration in an extremely unflattering light.

An excerpt:

"Wolff’s pitch to the White House to win cooperation for his book included a working title that signaled a sympathetic view, a counter-narrative to a slew of negative news stories early in Donald Trump’s presidency. He called it The Great Transition: The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration. And in part due to that title, Wolff was able to exploit an inexperienced White House staff who mistakenly believed they could shape the book to the president’s liking."

"Nearly everyone who spoke with Wolff thought someone else in the White House had approved their participation. And it appears that not a single person in a position of authority to halt cooperation with the book — including Trump himself — raised any red flags, despite Wolff’s well documented history."

Wolff simply and easily exploited the Trump White House's ineptitude, ego, and arrogance. That sends a powerful message to America's enemies and adversaries.

Both Vladimir Putin's Russia and Xi Jinping's China have been doing this in plain sight, stroking Trump to get what they want and shafting the American people in the process. With Trump, it's like stealing candy from a baby.

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