15 January 2018


Donald Trump has made it official. He's not visiting the United Kingdom, America's closest ally (details here).

His "reason" is because he doesn't like where the new American embassy is located, and he lied when he blamed that decision on President Obama. The move was actually instituted during the George W. Bush administration for valid security reasons. If you know London at all, you might know that the former embassy was located between Hyde Park and Grosvenor Square, making it quite vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Trump was originally scheduled to visit London for the official inveiling ceremony for the new embassy, which occurs tomorrow.

The real reason Trump is not visiting is because he knows Brits would stage a massive demonstration during his appearance. He also likely would be snubbed by London's mayor, whom Trump has treated very badly, and there are also signs Her Majesty would give him the cold shoulder, too.

Now if Trump had an ounce of common sense in his head, he would have directed a simple message be released that he could not attend because of a urgent timely matter. He already had one easily available -- the looming government shut-down. But he lacks basic common sense and, instead, tries to make everything about himself with an idiotic tweet.

And with that, he failed badly. Again. He embarrassed himself and he embarrassed America.

He also quite nicely displayed his cowardice -- he's quick to dish out insults but he's afraid of peaceful dissent.

You can change channels, Donnie, but you can't change reality.


  1. What can «HE» expect from the other world's countries when they hear him «shit» on them?

    «45» is, as you said, a disgrace for USA and its people. All what is coming out of that spoiled brat is HATE and more HATEFUL comments and reactions. «HE» is such a selfish personality that only him and himself counts.

    «HE» doesn't hesitate to crush any people if those aren't saying like him.
    Not surprising «HE» isn't welcome anywhere.

    «HE» isn't «Making America Great Again» but «HE» is making the old «American, GO HOME» back in lot a countries.

    SHAME on those whom had elected such a moron in office and even more SHAME on those whom are maintaining this «asshole» in office.

  2. re: "He embarrassed himself and he embarrassed America." WeAmericans in the majority who voted for the popular vote winner can't be more embarrassed. He actually did many of us a favor by finding a reason to not go, so the British press wouldn't be reporting his latest lies and mistakes revealed overseas. I'd rather keep him here where we can keep a lid on his words, and so we don't have to extradite him back when it ends.


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