13 January 2018

Shithole Countries

Americans of all political parties, including Republicans, reacted with shock and disgust after Donald Trump was quoted on Thursday speaking harshly about Haitian and African immigrants "from shithole countries" (details here) in a Oval Office meeting where he also wished that countries like Norway would send more. Members of Congress from both parties in attendance confirmed he said this.

Once again, the Trump Administration has found a new low. And once again, the President put his racism on full display when he spoke disparagingly about Black people while speaking longingly about white Europeans.

In Trump's mind, if you're a racist marching in Charlottesville in a white supremacy rally, you're "fine people." If you're Black, you're from a shithole country.

To compound this horrendous behavior even more, notwithstanding that many people confirmed he said what he did and the White House did not deny it, Trump then claimed on Friday he had never said what he did.

He was, to put no fine a point on it, lying through his teeth.

I was particularly heartened to see the Los Angeles Times called him out for this in an editorial (link here) with the title "Trump is a liar, but his 'shithole' remark shows he's often scariest when he says what he truly believes." I might be wrong, but I believe this is the first time a major media outlet has specifically called him a liar.

We're slightly less a year into the Trump administration. How much lower will Republicans in Congress allow him to drag this country down before they do something about it?


  1. Anonymous03:59

    Las evidencias están claras como el agua.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. AGAIN, «HE» is «Making America LOW Again», and again and again EACH time «HE» speaks and tweets.

    «45» is showing racism and narrow minded way of thinking.
    For sure, Norway's people could be good for USA BUT, do you think that those people are even thinking of immigrating to «SH**T HOLE» USA where you can be killed anytime on the streets because of your Constitutional Right to have guns? More, leave a country where you have universal healthcare protecting ALL of your population?
    «45» is dreaming when «HE» thinks that USA is «the best country in the world».

    Last summer we had a big immigration wave of Haitians coming to Canada to avoid «Trumpty Dumpty's» next expulsion order. The same people that «HE» said came from «shit hole» countries.
    Canada is a country that is welcoming those who are in need of help and we are doing all we can to integrate those in our society. They are good workers too which we desperately need here.
    Worse is to come with the DACCA and Salvador dossier which are others to be threaten by his white supremacist politics.

    SHAME on him and those who aren't doing anything to stop that idiot and ignorant moron.

    USA is more and more loosing its leadership throughout the entire world countries.

    Canada is renegociating the NAFTA and «45»'s administration is making it such hard and shovinistic that CHINA is one country that is supporting us now.... Funny to see that...
    USA is no more as GREAT as it used to be now....


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