10 August 2018

Loose Lips

Devin Nunes, a Republican Congressman from California, is Donald Trump's biggest apologist on Capitol Hill. As chair of the House Intelligence Committee, rather than objectively investigating Trump's Russia scandal, Nunes has gone out of his way to hide the truth and deceive the public.

On Wednesday night, the broadcaster Rachel Maddow played a secretly recorded audiotape of Nunes at a political fundraiser brazenly admitting that a House Republican majority was critically necessary to protect Trump (details here). He's admitting that the House would try to hide Trump's crimes from the American people or look the other way and prevent his removal from office.

This is a shocking admission. He's essentially saying no matter what Robert Mueller's criminal investigation may find, and if the Justice Department doesn't shut it down, then a Republican Congress must shirk it's constitutional duty and shield Trump.

He's saying that country doesn't matter. The constutution doesn't matter. The law doesn't matter. Truth doesn't matter. Protect the corrupt criminal at all cost.

That is absolutely disgusting. It's not surprising many in Congress and academia have now called on Nunes to resign. You can expect that won't happen.

In the secret recording, Nunes also admitted that the Trump campaign colluding with Russia could be a crime (details here), even though he has said the opposite publicly. And he said that Rod Rosenstein's potential impeachment, a Republican political stunt, would be delayed so as not to derail confirmation of Trump's Supreme Court nominee (details here).

One good thing Nunes has done was make clear how wrong he is and why it's essential for Republicans to lose control of at least one house of Congress. For good measure, Nunes should lose his re-election campaign, too.

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