12 August 2018

Space Cadets

In mid-June, Donald Trump announced the United States would create a new branch of the military to be known as Space Force. The proposal was little more than a one-page wish list that many defense experts quickly mocked as ludicrous, and the predicted its chances of actually happening were close to zero, given Congress was not likely to back nor fund the proposal.

That aside, if it were somehow to come to life, international treaties severely the amount of weaponry and armaments that can be used or even carried in space. Considering the United States has no active launch facility nor any space vessles to serve in the Space Force, one has to wonder what exactly the force part of the Space Force would actually be.

More recently, people began to realize that Trump's 2020 election campaign, already up and running, was actively selling Space Force merchandise on a webpage (details here). Shoppers could also "help select" official logos and the like.

This all raises the question of whether Trump is pushing the Space Force concept simply to be able to sell stuff to raise money for re-election. This is not the first time Trump has tied merchandising product to presidential actions -- he order the minting and sale of a special medal to accompany his visit with the North Korean dictator.

Trump may be woefully ignorant and unqualified to be President. But he does have one special kind of genius -- he's long been skilled at fleecing ordinary Americans with dollars to fund his personal windfalls.

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