27 March 2012

Amateurs Redux

I had collected so many images I liked for my recent amateur post that I ended up with more than one post's worth. So here are a few more hot amateurs I've collected in my wanderings in cyberworld.


  1. 2 gives me tingles, yumm!

  2. Anonymous10:59

    Hey: nice pics - all of them!
    But the last two are my favs. I just wonder what the guy with the long, long, long erection is seeing as he looks around that bedroom door (any ideas, guys?) and it took me a while to notice why the guy in the last pic is looking so happy and giving the thumbs-up sign!

  3. #2 is amazing!!! that COCK's a beauty!!!

  4. Anonymous02:13

    Love the guy in the blue vest! As for the guy with the long, long, long erection - I think there's someone in the room who's going to get a VERY big surprise :-))

  5. Something about Number 2 makes me drool. Alot of somethings --- like the glasses, the stubble, the beef, the meaty tits and the size of that dick and balls. Hot man.

  6. Redtex21:44

    Love the pubes on guy #2. Looks like the guy next door. HOT!!!


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