11 March 2012

Legendary Cocksucker

Jeff Stryker was the biggest name in porn for a while. Looking at this scene some years later, however, I think the real highlight is Derek Cameron's exceptional cocksucking skills.


  1. i agree with you, stryker had a GREAT dick and a good voice but not much else goin for him.

  2. Anonymous06:43

    the acting is never the greatest, but what i like most about these older videos is the build up, the "story line" if you will that increased the anticipation for the sex. these days, it seems all the videos are just 1,2,3 fuck. i guess that's what the market wants, but i much prefer these older videos. many thanks! oh yeah...i couldn't agree w/ you more about derek.

  3. Anonymous07:15

    This video has a start-up problem
    in that it doesn't start at all.

    Can you fix, please?

  4. Torontonian, I don't upload these videos. Someone else has put them on the XVid site and I only link to them. It sounds like a Java problem on your end as others are able to see it AOK.

  5. Anonymous21:16

    I used the think Derek Cameron was one of the handsomest, sexiest men alive! I wish he still made porn. Every film he was in was memorable.

  6. Anonymous16:04

    I agree absolutely...it's not Stryker that gave me the hardon

  7. Jeff Stryker is still one of my Big Dick Gods. If he didn't have much else going for him other than that incredible body and dick (as some say) that's just fine with me!

  8. Anonymous10:44

    Yeah, every once in awhile in Stryker's movies his big dick met its match in an exceptional sword-swallower like Derek. Great stuff, thanks!


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