25 March 2012

Happy Ending

I've never had a professional massage from someone I don't know. I've avoid it out of concern I'd be hard throughout the whole procedure, which would make me hugely embarrassed.

My boyfriend often gives me a massage, and of course I'm rock-hard through the whole thing, but I'm not the least bit embarrassed at that. And I always get the "happy ending" finish, even without asking.


  1. Anonymous06:15

    I had a massage in a health-club in a Bangkok hotel as a break from a conference I was attending. I think I was the only non-Asian guy and at 30, the only guy under about 60 there. The girls practically fought to have me as client and then the winner seemed to struggle to get *any* sort of stirring from me during the course of the session. I could tell what she was trying to do but feigning tiredness and indifference was not difficult.

  2. Anonymous09:18

    love these massage videos and this is one of the best because the "customer" is so laid back and apparently at ease about the whole thing. many thx!

  3. the guy giving the massage is HOT!!!

  4. Video is one of the most erotic I've seen...have a friend who gives free massages always with a happy ending.

  5. Anonymous11:56

    Oh my fucking God! Who is that masseuse??? He is the hottest fucking man alive!!! I want to fuck him and I want to be him!! Please, please post any info you have on him

  6. Anonymous15:44

    I only get embarrassed if I'm NOT boned up by the time I turn over!

  7. Anonymous12:30

    Hey so what's the deal? How can we find out who that masseuse is? That guy is so fucking hot! Is he an escort somewhere or is he a porn star? Does anyone know?

  8. Anonymous13:36

    That is the fucking HAPPIEST ending I can possibly imagine! Who are these guys?

  9. and the vid is gone of course :(
    but missing the going of patrick vid the most, its definitely not an easy find..


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