22 March 2012

Leaky Valve

A boner tells you a man is ready, but dripping precum tells you so much more. When his love ooze starts to flow, take hold of his rigid cock by wrapping your fingers around it and gently rub your thumb on the wet glans, round and round. That should drive him wild. It's even more fun if he's bound and entirely at your mercy. Then you can really make him work and wait before he cums.


  1. All these dripping cocks are so hot! That is how I do the tantric massage with precum

  2. Anonymous15:16

    Yeah, precum is so sweet. . . and i love tasting it, both my own and mens. It just almost pushes me over the edge, but with tantric training i just keep riding that edge instead, feeling like a cum grenade about to explode


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