08 March 2012

Poolside Pricks

These are stills from a circa 1982 stroke magazine called Poolside Pricks. I believe the blond lad is John Jeffries while Lyle Williams is his pal. These are outtakes from a porn film.

I can guess the plot based on the photos -- Lyle spots John sunbathing in the nude. He approaches and introduces himself. Then inside ten seconds, he's sucking the lad's cock. Mutual blowjobs ensue and soon they're making the beast with two backs.

If you'd like to download a free folder containing scans of the entire magazine, please click here.


  1. Anonymous08:08

    I gotta tell ya and be real honest here . . There is NOTHING WORSE than looking at OLD VINTAGE porn pictures or really outdated videos. . its gotta be the worst and most boringest thing Ive seen EVER. I for one can do without vintage porn clips. Fresh and new is always best. Vintage is always so cheesy looking. Especially with porn stuff.

  2. I am glad they did this outside. So men can watch and jack! Outdoors is best!

  3. Anonymous14:08

    Enjoying your blog. These are from All-American Boys one of my favorite old (very) films. Very hard to find a copy of for a long time and I only have it on VHS. My VCR is broken so I haven't seen this in a good while so your pics were a welcome sight. Lee Ryder was also in this but the blond Jeffries just outshone everyone. Have only ever seen him in the one film. He should have been a megastar. Thanks again for sharing these. Dennis

  4. Anonymous11:20

    Absolutely what every man needs


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