12 March 2012


Sean here is younger than the sort I usually favor but he's just so cute. He reminds me of some of the cornfed farmboys with whom I spent my teenage years in the American Midwest.

I've only seen him in one solo jerkoff video so far. Hopefully he'll soon be paired with another sturdy lad and they'll get down. His hole looks rather tight and virginal. The virgin tester between my legs is getting hard just thinking about how wonderful it would be to pop Sean's cherry.

Please note these photos may be a bit slow to load for you because they're quite large. If you click each one you'll see him in his full-sized glory.


  1. Anonymous14:31

    I don't know your age but I'll bet that when you were in your teens, there were very few "midwestern farm boys" with tattoos.

  2. I like his Scorpio tattoo on his back...but he's a bit skinny for my liking. Cute face though.

  3. Anon, I said he reminded me -- I didn't say he "looked exactly like." I mean the face, the smile, the body, etc.

  4. very sexy guy, love everything about him including his tight buttocks!


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