20 March 2012

Ursine and Urban

I'm guessing this bloke is in his fifties or possibly even his early sixties. He's fit but not ripped. He appears to be somewhere in Southern California -- maybe on Santa Monica Boulevard -- or possibly Florida.

There probably are fitter, younger men nearby, also with their shirts off and getting more looks from the passersby, but this bloke doesn't give a shit. Unlike them, he doesn't need your approval. He succeeds without trying.


  1. Anonymous12:04

    Shit, I dont' care what his age is, looks like he's in good shape to me, and a hairy brute to boot.. so yes your right, he doesn't need anyone's approval to do his power walk outside in broad daylight..

    hats off to him...


  2. Anonymous13:33

    Hot older guy. He clearly puts some work into maintaining his physique. The flat belly is impressive. Sorta needs to take care of the back and shoulder hair tho. Nothing a trim won't fix.

  3. We are who and what we are. Need to take the time to know each other without stopping at the physical. life and people are not just so many beasts in a meat market.

  4. Nice find! I love hot daddies like this--they give me a little confidence that older can still be sexy. [And nah--leave the body hair alone! HAIRY IS HOT! NO BACK OR SHOULDER TRIM!]

  5. Anonymous03:58

    he is from fort lauderdale.


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