05 March 2012

Athletically Inclined

My boyfriend glommed on to some free passes for a very upscale gym that we visited the other night. The eye candy was incredible. I had to distract myself thinking about Michele Bachmann naked to keep the happy warrior in my shorts from doing his stretching exercises. Now that I'm back home, I can let the happy warrior out for his workout by showing him some shots like these.


  1. Anonymous12:33

    Love the 3rd pic... black and white of the guy kneeling and wearing white athletic socks.

  2. Anonymous13:59

    You should tell the "Happy Warrior" to make love, not war.

  3. Anonymous14:59


    I just know from years of experience that Adidas Cock could make me cum hands free anytime.

    A cock of that thickness and angle with a body that fit has always been able to drive me absolutely bananas. It's the kind of tongue biting, try to think of anything else possible as long as you can so you don't blow too fast I crave at times. Or, if you can't hold back, be ready and able to keep going 'til he gets his too ;)~

    The black bud below him would do almost as nicely ;).

  4. they work for me, too!!! Hot selection, especially in pic 4!

  5. Photos 2 & 3 are of fitness model Trevor Adams - check out my painting "Stars & Stripes" featuring Trevor here: http://daniellovely.ecrater.com/p/13911282/stars-stripes


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