19 March 2012

Devilish Angel

This lad is billed as "Angel Diablo" at one of the porn sites, which undoubtedly is not his real name. He looks like he might be Hispanic or perhaps Italian. I've only seen him do one solo porn shoot so that leaves his orientation open to speculation.

His cute bunghole does not look virgin-tight to me. I'd have to check it personally to be certain. The bunghole tester between my legs got somewhat stiff as I was thinking about doing that -- would I use my finger first or just plunge right in with my tester?


  1. Anonymous08:23

    If he did a solo porn vid and youve seen it. . can you maybe post it .. or where can we find it? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous18:29

    Who is this guy? Is he American? Please post whatever info is available about him ASAP!!!

  3. Anonymous19:10

    He sounds eastern european to me.

  4. whatever his name is ... do we care ... HE'S FUCKIN' FRIGGIN' GORGEOUS ... AMAZING ... BEAUTIFUL ... SEXY ... the bloody WORKS!!!

  5. Anonymous07:11

    claudio barboni

  6. Anonymous07:12


  7. Awesome!!.. would love to tease that butthole while he jacked off!!!

  8. Anonymous10:36

    Bow down, mortals, the god is among you.

  9. His name's Claudio Barboni aka "Angel Diablo." He's from Romania but based in Vegas. He does gay porn and escorts, strips, and lap dances around the U.S. Has a rep for being rude and difficult.


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